A faint odor of poop assaulted my nose which wasn’t an unlikely event since my four animals are trained to use newspaper for their toilet needs. But all the trays, we have four of them located in various rooms, were clean. Upstairs, downstairs that scent followed me everywhere I went, but no poop could I find.

Failing my every attempt at location, I stepped outside to spring’s glorious sunshine and the decadent but delicious aroma of blooms. Mostly purple.

Our yard is a seeding place for the upper neighborhood and each year we are blessed with several new crops. I brought a friend over to a bunch of new posies and asked if she could identify. She said, “No, These are not columbine. I believe they are….” And now I can’t remember what she said.

Poop! I digress too much, me thinks and so why not look to the bottom of my dilemma? My shoes. Yes, at last the source is found. Now, how far has this amazing stuff been tracked?