I’ve been writing my folks memoir. They were born just before World War I in Brooklyn, New York. They lived through the Great Depression and World II. In order to write about their lives and experiences, I asked many questions and have my mother on tape with answers. That was 1980ish and I’m just finishing the book I’ve been working on for about two years. My point is there are some really neat books about different eras that are written strictly for writers. Yeah, yeah, I know there is everything you need on the internet, but imagine finding slang, colloquialisms and everyday speech during a specific era. Okay it can be found, you say, but then I need the radio shows and time aired, Timelines and specific ideas to research is a must for accuracy and depicting the essence of a period.

The book I’ve really been poring over and loving is “The Writer’s Guide to Everyday Life from Prohibition through World War II” by Marc McCutcheon. The table of contents speak for the all-around details contained in this work:

1. Slang, Colloquialisms and Everyday Speech

2. Prohibition

3. The Great Depression

4. World War II

5. Crime

6. Transportation

7. Clothing and Fashions

8. Radio and Radio Shows

9. Music and Dance

Chronologies of history events, innovations and fads, hit songs, books and movies


There are a number of resource books out there geared entirely for writers, written by writers who have already done the research for you. Check out your local library’s resources.