If you haven’t read this book, you must. I read it ten years ago and am reading it again. Kingsolver’s insight in the human condition and motherhood is astounding. “A mother’s body remembers her babies–the folds of soft flesh, the softly furred cap against her nose. Each child has its own entreaties to body and soul, but it’s the last one though, that overtakes you.”

This mother, Orleanna, has lost her youngest to a green mamba snake. “…But the last one: the baby who trails her scent like a flag of surrender through your life when there will be no more coming after–oh, that’s love by a different name. …instead you rock by the window, drinking the light from her skin, breathing her exhaled dreams.” If you have been reading my  blog, you know I’ve lost my baby girl and so I can relate to this wonderful impassioned story.

Barbara Kingsolver is an amazing author and one you should get to know.