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Your beloved voice is gone
your laughter and your hope.
I miss you so,
I’m not sure I can cope.
Your sweet caress,
tight and lingering just
makes it hard to
know you’re gone and adjust.
I see your face
each night at my pillow,
my cheekbones yours,
my sweet willow.
You are gone now,
and if your faith proves true,
it won’t be long
before I’ll be with you.


My Beloved Little Girl

Oh my beloved,
I miss the sound of your voice,
Your strong tight caress,
The kiss on my lips.
I miss your laughter as much
As your smile so bright.
You glowed, my sweet dear.
You are my heart, and I cry.

She’s Gone

She’s gone.
I crawled up into her bed, stroked her hair, whispered in her ear, and ran my cheek across hers. I told her she was my baby girl and I loved her with all my heart and soul.
She mouthed a breathless, “I love you, Mom.”
She’s gone.
Just like that.
A whisper and a breath and done–gone.

The funeral procession lasted what seemed an eternity. So loved, so missed, so irreplaceable, people told us–employers, friends.
The small chapel was overflowing with criers.
My baby girl is gone.