Black and Blue by Anna Quindlen is a 1998 novel by this Pulitizer Prize winner. Characters are believable; the story is well plotted and a page turner. Love and rage, passion and violence–woman and her young son are terrorized by her husband. She contacts a women’s rescue and runs a long way from home. But new identities, and miles of distance from her husband does not make her feel secure. It is only a matter of time, she is sure.

I rarely read a book twice, but I picked this one back up after several years on my bookshelf and it was just as profound the second time around. The plight of battered women, the raw fear they are forced to endure and try to hide from the world tears at the heart. Fear for herself and her son had this woman terrified, but true to many of these sad stories this woman still loved her husband. I felt a personal closeness to this story because of a very sweet woman I know who is attracted to brutes. She is a close relative and a special friend.