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A Poem For Dad

When I began to write in earnest, I wrote a poem called My Daddy Died. I tried to imagine what I would feel when that day came. The poem was published and I sent it to my daddy. Years later my dad called me from the hospital some 2400 miles from where I lived. He told me goodbye and that he loved me. I realized then that I could never have imagined how I’d feel when my daddy died. You see, he was a very special friend and I adored him.


The Alfa Romeo Trip

We had just bought the used Alfa Romeo and had not taken it on a long trip yet. We left our house on Newton Street in Denver with Phoenix our goal. November and eleven at night, we set out on our journey. I had a four day weekend off from the telephone company where I’d just worked a split shift–10:00 am to 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm. It was a Thursday night and fifteen hours of road travel ahead (over 900 miles). Not a trip we would venture on today, but this was 1958 and we were sixteen and nineteen years old then, and we made the trip as often as our work schedules allowed.
My parents, sister and brother-in-law lived and worked in Phoenix. Dad and Dick had a furniture refinishing business there and our plan was to enjoy a long weekend visiting. Socorro, New Mexico is where our trip ended. At least the fun part. The Alfa broke a valve which meant we lost a piston too. We phoned my daddy and he drove from Phoenix and rescued us some seven hours later. Dad hitched the car to his truck and Phil and I piled in the bed, covered up with furniture pads and tried not to freeze to death on the way.
That weekend had Phil working in the Phoenix heat day and night, repairing the car. But I, at least, had fun seeing my folks and sister.

My Son John Released!

My newest Novel “My Son John” is now available in Paperback and Kindle format.

I hope everyone enjoys this tale of small town people.

My Son John Kindle release

The Haney’s are simple country folk–farmers, lumberjacks, veterans of Korea and Vietnam. But “simple” is a term used for lifestyle, not human complexity. The setting is the early 70’s in Vermont.
These folks are people you will learn to love, dislike, and remember.
Nancy Bowles has lost her beloved brother in the Vietnam war and is inconsolable. Nineteen and living with her bereaved parents, she feels she needs a change of circumstance or go mad. The recent breakup with a boyfriend adds to her depression. When an airman, who she and a girlfriend befriended, asks her to marry him, she thinks it is a message from God. John Haney is thirty-three and has a son, fifteen. He is honest with Nancy in telling her he needs to marry to get custody of his son from his parents.
Little John is a typical teenage boy with a big heart and raging hormones. He has a steady girlfriend, and some girls in-between. He also has a cousin, Michael, who gets in trouble trying to follow his hero, Little John.
The John Haneys were poor before the lumber yard where John works shuts down. After, they are destitute. Selling the few animals they have helps for a short time. When Little John gets an after school and weekend job as mechanic at the local gas station, they are able to keep food on the table.
They didn’t plan it, but Nancy and Little John fall in love. She is already pregnant when they first admit this fact and more than a couple of months along before they make love.
The ensuing story is rich with humor, friendship and love. The characters are uniquely defined and memorable. My Son John is a story of family ties and renewal.