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Other Passions

Among my other passions are sewing and quilting. Every once in awhile I create a new handbag. They are so handy and I love designing them. This is my newest creation. The fabric Is Indonesian and is called Blue Tongue Lizard. The bag pattern is a Penny Sturgis design. The wallet pattern is from Lazy Girl.


Poetry In Prose

I belong to the Clarkesville Writing Society based in Clarkesville, GA. Recently we had a discussion on using poetic devices in our prose (short stories, novels). Meter has always been an important element in writing. Reading out loud to a critical listener is a wonderful way to blue-pencil the tone of our work. Alliteration, onomatopoeia, assonance and consonance are other useful devices as well as the tried and true simile, metaphor and other figures of speech.