Assuming we’ve all read enough about the need for research to fill volumes and are convinced of this awesome duty to our craft, this essay will attempt to address research as a career technique rather than an overwhelming gathering of facts that may never see the light of page, our page anyway.

Let’s deal this hand with an honest deck. Many of us disliked history in junior high, hated it in high school and skimmed by by the seat of our pants in college with essay tests we used our considerable talents as writers to pass. Why? The material was offered in dry, factual, third grade English. We were expected to remember stories on a par with Jack and Jill Went Up The Hill. And if that wasn’t too much, we had to know the date they made it to the top as well. Boring? Oh yes! But history isn’t boring, not in the movies. Not in the books we embellish with our characters either. Oh, but here we are again, unlikely historians.