____  Have someone else read your story setting chapter by  chapter. Ask them to describe your setting.

____ What feelings did your reader experience while reading your story? Are these emotions those you expected your story to invoke?

____ What general mood should your story convey? Lightly humorous with romance, inspirational, suspenseful? Did your reader come away thus affected?

____ Reread the story yourself. How do your story’s characters’ life-styles, personality traits or experiences color what they see? Does this move your plot in the direction you intended? If not what changes are needed?

____ Is the overall impression of your material in agreement with your original inception? What changed? Is the change acceptable?

____ Have used a prevailing cultural attitude in a history setting? Do diversons from that attitude work? Are they credible–believable?

____ Did you use contrasts in describing setting?

____ Did you find a device to add some recurring aspect of setting to use as a focal point to direct or return your reader’s attention to an imposing event?

____ Whose viewpoint did you use to describe setting? Would a different viewpoint create a better fit for the genre of your interest, or a fuller flush of that plot? (It’s a good exercise to look at our setting from a different character’s point of view. We can discover personality traits in our characters that we may have previously been unaware; ergo, we as writers learn from our characters and may discover elements of our story that even we didn’t know or understand.)