Let us throw out ideas like:

1. Any jolting experience that makes looking at life from some new perspective inevitable.

2. A reason to smell the roses for the first time or again (perhaps we’ve spent some time in confinement, solitary in prison or even the hospital or a nursing home.) Maybe a bite from the love bug, or a tragedy could effectually cause a character change. Just make it credible within that character. Usually, if we are able to live comfortably with the change in our special protege, our readers will too.

3. Everyday things take on new meaning. Having a baby comes to mind as a real harbinger of responsibility.

Sometimes, though, it’s the lack of change in our lives that makes us behave differently and even change personality.

Place and Time are certainly broader subjects than we imagined. In fact, we learned that we can breathe life into our story, move our plot, motivate or change our characters–all with a device called Setting–a powerful tool that exercise and careful attention to detail will make experts of us all.