Before we proceed let us insert here one unmatchable aid for the writer of any story. The backstory. Time consuming, yes, but worth every moment spent. The backstory can be either a brief or detailed history (depending on character or historical importance) of our main characters and even our lesser characters and historical events (real or imaginary). Think of backstory as character sketches, artistic drawings in words of those important elements in our story that happened before our story opens. Backstory, although never appearing in our story except in brief glimpses sprinkled here and there, is the beginnings of setting. These sketches are the artist’s rendering of sets in the play that begins in our mind. Backstory is invaluable for continuity of character, and unfolding of plot. At least as important as outline, backstory rarely suffers revisions, while outline and plot may go the way of several revisions. Why? Because backstory is most usually, if not always, a cemented foundation from which our story springs.